The Most Advanced Killing Machine In The World

The most advanced killing machine in the world lives in a pedestrian subway, most people who walk past don’t even notice it, and most of those that do pretend they haven’t, a few drop unwanted and unasked for coins of little value near it.

The machine was becoming increasingly aware that despite the fact it was manufactured to be emotionless it was beginning to feel loneliness and despair. On balance the machine thought this might be a good thing, it meant there wouldn’t be as much room for the regret and hopelessness that had been festering for the last 2 decades.

It had been created for the sole purpose of winning a war, sent 100 years back in time to strike a devastating killer blow to the enemy decades before the war even began. The mission was a disaster, completely changing the course of history and causing the war itself to be averted, jailing the machine in a world where it would never be created and served no purpose.

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