{Utopia} Strong Women (murph, soph, marli, chaka)

These women are fighters, troopers, independent, and tough. Each has a unique style, but when you get to know them, you’ll find that in their hearts beats a true champion.

mama murph and I go WAY back. I have always admired her spirit. We’re both the type to grab the bull by the horns and plow through life. Not one to let life slip idly by, she takes each new adventure in stride.

Marli is a wild one, experiencing life to its fullest. She enlightens me, cultures me, (being from the other side of the world and a traveler) and shares her life through art.

Sophia D’Soleil is one of my newest friends, but everyday I learn something about her that commands my respect. She is breaking barriers in my mind with her writing and her friendship.

Chakatreatmentinnahouse is another awesome artist with a style and voice all her own. She brings humor and wit into every day, and has a devil-may-care attitude that inspires.

Oh to be a traveling pair of pants between these four women!

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