{Utopia} Text Texts Mess

Here are 3 writers deserving of way more than 5 pencils.

Textual Phoenix I have had more contact with on facebook apps than anywhere else! Thanks for those gifts by the way, but rather than focus on our addictions, let’s instead focus on his dynamic writing. Whether its kings, aliens, or sequels to others crazy stories, you can bet he’ll throw in a twist and make your day!

TextMason, made of similar ilk, has been quiet as of late, but I’m sure when he gets back into the swing of things, his fingers will fly and we’ll follow him into worlds heretofore unknown. He is a critic with fair and just critiques, knowing just how to help a floundering writer.

And lastly, my friend Eloquent Mess, who is not afraid to try any story. If it doesn’t work he will hammer it down until it does. This man is not afraid to edit and he takes it all in stride, beaming with pride at the praise, and chuckling at himself even if he has to admit defeat, calling a story’s time of death.

These are some writers to rub elbows with.

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