Bid for my Virginity

I ran to the shower, which was mercifully empty, an briskly scrubbed off the guilt and shame of the previous day. My hair would have to wait, I thought and dried myself roughly before throwing on the sparse clothes I’d been given. I brushed my hair hurriedly and smacked on a little lipstick, mascara and blush before heading out of the dorm door and navigating down to where I’d been told Mr. Black would be waiting.

I pushed open the door of what appeared to be a large conference room. Mr. Black was sitting on a plush seat at the far end of the room. His eyes scanned me and he nodded his approval. He pointed at a podium in the right hand corner of the room. “Get up there” he said standing up. I did as I was told and he came over and sat me down on a little stool, arranging my limbs in what I assume was an attractive manner.

“My specialist clients will be arriving shortly” he explained. “Your job is to sit there, in exactly the way you are and look pretty while they bid for your virginity.”

It had begun.

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