Shut the Door, Have a Seat (1)

Melinda Harris is the fierce bitch in charge at the wildly successful advertising agency she created in a man’s world, from the ground up. Today her secretary cancelled her appointments because she has something she needs to say.

Melinda sits on her desk, a vision of all things desirable as her soon to be ex-husband walked in, his fourteen year old mistress trailing behind. She craved slapping both of them in the face, but what she had to say would hurt more.

“Shut the door, have a seat,” Melinda ordered, “I have been waiting to talk to you, both of you, in the same room for quite some time.” Stella, the fourteen year old, did a combination scoff-and-eye-roll. Melinda ignored her (for now) and turned to Ralph, her ex, as he looked at her with his pleading blue eyes.

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