Shut the Door, Have a Seat (2)

“I think I’ll start with you. Simply put, you are an asshole. A thirty-nine year old asshole,” Melinda added, “Cheating with a high school freshman! I wish I could cut it off,” Melinda motioned to his groin. “You see women, people in general, as objects. Thinking, ‘Oh, this one looks nice, this one makes me happy, I think I’ll hang on to it.’ You put on this ‘Reformed Man’ routine, but guess what? You’re not! You are so fake, the most un-authentic person I have come to know. You are the same awful person you used to be! Your parents did not do a good job raising you, I am sorry for them, they deserve a better son than you!” Melinda said to Ralph, her every word worthy of it’s own eclamation point.

“You married him,” Stella spat back.
“Yes. I did. Biggest mistake of my life, but at least I’m not where he is. He wishes he was stuck sleeping on the couch, but I kicked him out of my house, so now he’s stuck at that dumpy motel where all he can do is dream of my couch.” Melinda said, ready to pounce.

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