{Utopia} Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is quite the author. Unlike many of the {Utopian} authors featured in this challenge, he wrote solely for the scientific literature of the day, which had and still have the most exacting standards. Articles must usually represent actual data and most of the time, must contain little to no “weasel words”. Darwin has been dead for just over a hundred and fifty years, so I suppose you can consider this a eulogy of sorts.

Darwin was a great man. In addition to having experiences around the world and back, he wrote in such a concise and clear way in his works, and especially in his two most famous works, On The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man. He lived quite a rich life, almost similar to a hero such as Johnny Quest in his journeys to many exotic areas around the world, in the age of British imperialism. And what a hero he was! He sparked the field of evolutionary biology and led us out of the dark about our own origins. May god rest the soul of this brilliant author, biologist.

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