Caeloöpticon II

Upon the rise so many years from now
Of moons so vast in scope and spher’cal shape
And foreign worlds, so inhospitable
And megacorporations all about
Did humans come to strut about the stage,
Who like the eagles with unfurling wings
Dared soar across the sky and claim the lands
That dotted blackest oceans like the jewels
Inside the dull, uninteresting ores
That must be sifted thor’ghly through to claim
The precious prizes sequestered within.
From edge to edge the frontiers forward crept;
The breadth of his domain was truly vast,
A hundred times the distance that the light
In Merc’ry’s swiftness travels in the year,
With some to spare, an excess to the sides.
Men of renown were known across the skies,
The truly brave and fearless and the best,
But many died and many more were made
Before the rimfolks’ ire was laid to rest.

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