Public Relations

“And in recent news, the Corporation has apologized for the unfortunate death of Amy Costolapolis. Sources state that Costolapolis’s diagnosing surgeon failed to identify an as-yet undisclosed condition, which came into an unprescedented conflict with the ACD apparatus.”

Joe looked up from the draft.

“Well boss, think it’ll fly?”

“I think you need to toss in some apologetics, a lawsuit at that surgeon, and an immediate consultation for all participants with one of our approved surgeons. To uh… test for the condition.”

Joe nodded aggressively, jotted down a quick note, and skittered out of the room, mumbling words under his breath to not forget them. The room of trustees stared at a projected still of the unfortunate girl.

“Now then. Get me the kook from R&D who failed to diagnose this… malfunction. He’s about to help us bug-test the ACD.”

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