Swords and Clothes

Arthur and Emrys exchanged looks for a long moment before Arthur sighed with an air of long-suffering and signaled for the party to halt. Lila slid off the horse and gave Emrys a boost up. Then she hoisted herself up behind him, and the party resumed its journey.

Sir Bors, an older knight, had the map, and best as Lila learned from Emrys, they were on their way to Caerleon where Arthur kept court. Sir Tor brought his horse alongside Emrys’ and, under the watchful and amused gazes of the other knights, attempted to converse.

“How long have you trained with the sword?” he asked.

Lila had to think back to her first training days with her older brothers’ SCA friends. “Eleven years.”

Arthur turned to look at her. “Emrys, she’s probably better with a sword than you are.”

“I’m just your loyal advisor, My Liege. I have no use for a blade.”

“Is it difficult, attending to page duties in your gown?” Sir Tor asked.

Perfect, Lila thought. “I am permitted to wear boys’ clothes while I attend to the knights.”

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