I Won't Be Home For Christmas.

I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad,
But I can’t take it any more.
And to my sister: I loved you most.
I wish I could have told you before.
No matter how many fights,
No matter how many screams,
No matter how many bickers,
I was closer to you, it seems.
And brother, please get better.
You scare me when you’re drunk.
You’ve managed to be on top of it all.
For me, my ship has sunk.
My life is slowly falling apart,
Piece by piece; no peace.
I’m hoping that soon I’ll get better.
In time for love, at least.
But I know that nothing will ever change
And I’m sorry I gave up hope.
I’ve been losing faith since age thirteen,
I’m at the end of my rope.
So here I am, at twenty-five,
And still a mess, you see.
It’s still hard to deal with
All of life’s monstrosities.
And that’s why I’ve sent you this letter,
In hopes you won’t miss me much.
And it’s arrived to tell you:
I won’t be home for Christmas.

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