Emmyful is back.

Today was stressful. I mean, all Mondays are bad, but today it seemed as though everyone in my small Catholic high school felt the need to be incredibly obnoxious and loud. High school is not the place for reserved introverts, like myself. However, if I wish to make something out of myself, these Mondays cannot be avoided.

I walk in the door of my Chemistry class. Chris, a very short and loud brunette, runs in front of me, begins rapidly jumping up and down, and waves a John Lennon calendar in my face saying, “Look what I’ve got! Look what I’ve got!” Although I am probably the biggest Beatles fan in my social circle, I couldn’t care less about Chris’s calendar. I can’t take this much excitement so early in the morning. I should have stayed in bed and faced the world another day.

When the bell rings, the teacher passes out our test on balancing chemical equations. Apparently I didn’t study well enough. Sigh Monday, Monday, Monday…

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