Votre Dieu n'existe pas

“Doctor Akhens, doctor Akhens! Quick!” called a scientist, and the doctor ran over to the human-sized test tube in the center of the laboratory.
“What is it now?”
“She’s… blinking.”
The room fell silent, and suddenly everyone was looking at the small, long-haired girl who was kept in a translucent blue liquid. Her pupil-less chocolate eyes blinked a couple times, looking around.
Her white lips parted slightly, she spoke.
Votre Dieu n’existe pas
Only the leader of the investigation, Doctor Akhens, spoke French, and he was the only one able to understand her speech.
“Cancel the project. Get rid of the specimen. We’re starting over.”
Nobody asked questions, only obeyed.
Later that day, a scientist spoke with him.
“What did she say, sir?”
“What does it matter?”

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