a love story in 1024 characters or less

From the moment he could love, he loved her.

She lived across the street from him their whole lives. It wasn’t often that they played together, though occasionally all the neighborhood children would gather for a pick-up game of kickball. He always tried to be on her team.

When they were eighteen, he asked her to the senior prom. The smile she flashed, so genuine, so surprised, so full of love. He would always remember it, the way he would always remember her answer – yes.

Years later, he asked her something else. This time it was about far more than just a high school dance, and he hoped people would dance more and drink less if she answered the same way she had in those high school halls. This time, he pulled a ring from his pocket.

The moment he did, he saw that smile again.

She said yes again.

Fifty years later, he said good-bye, minutes after they reached their golden anniversary. One last kiss.

He missed her.

She’d said good-bye in way just her own. She’d marked it with what they were.


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