Bid For My Virginity (II)

I could only guess what this would entail. Obviously they were all men looking to have sex with a virgin. I sat where I’d been positioned, waiting for my ordeal to begin so it would end as fast as possible.

After a couple of minutes that felt like hours to me Mr. Black ushered in some 20 men, all of varying ages and wealth, judging by their attire. Their eyes lit up at the sight of me and many grinned, probably in excitement but I’ll never completely know.

Mr. Black stood to the side of the platform. “Welcome gentlemen!” he began, “Today we have a brand new specimen all the way from England.” he turned and looked at me. “Our little English Rose. This is Belle. She’s 16, a virgin with limited experience.” he smirked slightly. “Any questions?”

One man raised a hand “Isn’t 16 a little old to be a virgin?” he asked hesitantly. “Surely most 16 year olds have had sex”

“This one hasn’t, I assure you gentlemen!” Mr. Black replied.

“Shall we start the bidding at 500 euros?” he asked clapping his hands

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