Clever Place to Put Some Mistle Toe

Who would have thought that today I would have sex for the first time.

We had checked in at a Hilton hotel for our Honey Moon for Christmas. It was beautiful, there were lights everywhere shimmering with Christmas Spirit. Today was the day!

Steven gave me a nuzzling kiss and whispered something in spanish in my ear.

It made me laugh because Steven doesn’t speak spanish!

He basically whispered sexily:

“Como Estas mi chica caliente, Como Estas.”

It was even more pathetic that I got turned on by that.

As we left the check-out counter we could barely keep our hands off of each other.

We had waited years for this. Seeing that we were both Christian and determined to wait until marriage.

As we climbed into the elevator we couldn’t help ourselves. We began to kiss passionately and and nuzzle up against each other. I pushed the elevator stop button and we continued our sexploration right there. We went farther than before and we stopped and realized.

There was some mistletoe in the elevator.

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