Seems Familar

“So do you live around here? I feel like I have seen you around.” He starts up a conversation.

“Ya, I live right down the street a couple of blocks,” Perefect sentences only work when I don’t make eye contact.

I look into his eyes and the ability to speak is gone again.

“So do I!” He sounds very excited about this, “So you go to Henderson High then right?”

“Mhm,” is all I can manage.

“Really? And your a junior?”

I nod

“Wow, I am surprised we haven’t talked before. You do seem familar though.”

“Ya?” I ask because I am positive I have never seen anyone like him before.

“I don’t know why. It just feels like I know you. You hungry? I know this cool place to eat and I am starving.”

“Ya… Sure!” How could I say no?

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