The Question of Emrys

As it turned out, Sir Bors had a spare page uniform in one of his saddlebags, so the party halted again while Lila squirmed into the tunic and hose using the cloak, which belonged to Sir Safir, as cover. As an added measure of convenience, she tied her hair into a knot at the nape of her neck to keep it out of her face. Now she looked like a boy.

“Perhaps it is wise if you are not seen to be traveling alone with a group of knights,” Emrys said. “For both your safety and honor.”

“I do not doubt your honor, but I appreciate your wisdom,” Lila said and hoped she sounded noble enough. She smiled at Sir Bors. “Perhaps I should pretend to be your page if we encounter any strangers?”

“It’s not a bad plan,” Arthur conceded, so when the party stopped to make camp for the night, Lila helped Sir Bors with his armor. Sir Tor looked impressed that she knew how to handle all of the different pieces of armor, and he smiled at her. Lila watched Emrys help Arthur with his armor, and she wondered who, precisely, Emrys was.

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