Caeloöpticon VI

The city, called Del Naja by its folk,
In twilight dim now found itself immersed,
And local men and women ran around
As chickens, when decerebated, do
Because the banished suns relinquished their
Omnipotent and unremitting gaze
That kept the city watched through longest days
To darkness, utter absence of the light,
Who aided and abetted lawless hordes
That murdered and embezzled and sold drugs
And also managed acts unspeakable
To benefit themselves and no one else,
As all compassionate flame they had within
Extinguished in totality had been,
And consequent to this, such men
(And women, though the species was not known
To oftentimes be tangled up in this)
Would stop at nothing to preserve their ill,
And, true to this, they cared not who one was;
If problems came, their first thought was to kill.

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