It's one of Those Nights

I roll over on my bed. I force my eyes to shut and my mind is full of thoughts. So it’s going to be one of those nights… A single, major I idea stays flowing in my brain, time. Has my time been wasted? I feel a sudden rush of anxiety as I look into the past and think.

It seems like just yesterday I was walking into school as a junior in high school. I had so many high hopes on how the year was going to be. Things seemed like they were going to be different, and it was. Time flew and up until now it seems like I was always trying so hard because I felt unsatisfied. I wasted my time trying. This time I sit up and think much harder.

They say there is always something to learn about what happens in life. Sure the year was rough, but what I learned will last a lifetime. Things may not have gone the way I have liked but there is probably a reason. So did I really waste my time? No, I couldn’t have.

My body relaxes as I lay back down. I finally drift to sleep.

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