Caeloöpticon XII

The two Marines had only stepped outside
When Fortiss seized Goodfellow bodily,
And shook the man in rig’rous righteous rage.
“How dare you go against your given vows?!”
Demanded Fortiss, staring in his eyes.
The other, younger man got guilty face
And starèd down towards the accursèd stones,
And merely parted lips to speak these words:
“When I confessed about our state of things,
Perhaps I was not clear with you at all.
For as I’ve said, the evil rules the land,
Running things with iron-fisted hate,
Massacring the sanctity of peace
With arrows that deflate our self-esteem,
So causing it to crash upon the rocks
And perish, die along with our effects.
You see, we are only mortal men,
Impotent among the greater imagery
And even I am kept under their thumbs,
And, by extension, you as well, you see.”

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