Caeloöpticon XIII

“I believed you a better man than this!”
Spat Fortiss, grave in tone and much repulsed.
“Goodfellow, you are cowed by such ingrates,
Those vagrants that you pledged you would wipe out?”
“I’m sorry that I am but normal man,”
Goodfellow stammered in apology.
“I only fear for life. I have but one.”
“So use it to exact a difference!”
Cried Fortiss, showing him the log’cal light,
“For you are vested with some certain power,
And can—and must—use it to keep the peace
And ease the burden life brings to these ones
Who try to eke out life upon this rock,
This backward cinder of ignominy.”
No sooner had he said this than the night
Was split, the darkness cleft with razor’s edge,
By nothing else save faint and frenzied pleas
Of fem’nine origin, begging for aid,
And Fortiss took no time to rush to it,
And in so doing his point would be made.

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