Caeloöpticon XIV

Thus Fortiss and Goodfellow soon arrived
To find a damsel in severe distress
At hands of awful thugs of acid blood
Who knew no kindness, honor, or respect
Save that they showered on their overlords
And even then only to serve their means
To gain in power, which they exercised
With no delay, and only wished for more.
The lady was in quite a sorry state;
Her windows to the soul had just become
Like deer bathed in the headlights of a car
That hurtled towards them, while gaining speed,
And too her flesh, which, darkened by the bruise,
And otherwise was fair and clear as light,
Was drained of color and replaced with death,
A sickly pallor, bloodless, petrified.
The leader of the pack of all five men
Stepped forward to confront the soldiers two,
And haughtily did deign to ask them this:
“Is nothing better there for you to do?”

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