Caeloöpticon XVII

The four illeg’ly operating men
Were flabbergasted by this sudden change
Of status quo that Fortiss brought about.
They truly feared the repercussions of
An action that they now would undertake,
Their impetus of will revoked when came
Th’manifestation of the law’s right arm,
And of what was to be the law’s left hand.
Brave Fortiss stepped with his right foot onto
The still-warm corpse of the offending man,
And this he spoke unto the remnant four:
“Go find your boss and tell him that things change,
And for the worse for him the pend’lum swings,
For Fortiss in his righteousness arrives
To swing the tide of honor to his side.”
“And I as well, Goodfellow, serve to bring
The reign of violent terror to a close,”
Goodfellow added in a tone sincere,
As, fearing death, the cowards up and left,
So that those words they almost did not hear.

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