Caeloöpticon XXII

The agent, serpentine, contacted his
Commander, whose authority was vast,
Extending over several colonies
And even the First Home itself, as well,
Relaying him the tale of Fortiss’ life,
And of his cherished wife and child.
His leader, Hostes, simply stroked his beard
Which hugged his face, not daring to grow out
For even it did seem to fear his wrath,
And then replied, after some time silent:
“I think that I shall call my op’ratives
On Earth and get them to the ones
He values more than itself, and have
Them then dispatched summarily, and he
Will have no other choice but to withdraw
From keeping me in hiding like he has.”
The orders given were so carried out,
Or rather tried, as one got away,
But even though his daughter kept her life,
Brave Fortiss wept pained tears all through that day.

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