Dear Mom,
I’m just writing to tell you how hectic life is for me.
I’m writing this while drinking a cocktail in my girlfriend’s heated indoor pool.
Student fees…
Paying my girlfriend??!!
And of course, the never ending flow of lectures and classes.
Haven’t been to one yet!
It’s really hard for me to cope right now with everything that’s going on.
I also wanted to say thankyou for the wonderful presents that you sent for my birthday. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it to the party you had arranged.
Wonderful presents, my sit-upon!
And that I’m really sorry to hear that Auntie Judith had passed away.
remind me who she was…
Nothing is quite the same here at college. Not like it is at home.
Yeaah! Better.
And I really miss you and dad.
Not likely.
I would love to come home this year,
But with everything going on. My job and all…
I’m really sorry,
I am?!
I’m just not going to make it home for christmas.

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