he turned around slowly in a circle taking in the beauty of our rainforest like planet. I smiled at him as his jaw dropped. “This place is amazing.” He said. I grabbed his hand and started to run towards the palace. “My father will want to meet you.” I smiled at him as we ran faster.
We ran into through the thicket and into the forest dodging trees and weaving through the thick vines. When we finally reached the lushious waterfall, cascading over the rock tower, I snuck to the edge of the falls and jumped to the rocks hidden behind it.
There my father sat high on his thrown powerful as ever. Our people have lived behind the falls for eons. My family has been in power for centuries. After my father dies my brother, Darnious, will come to power.
“Daughter.” My father said, “Welcome home. Who is with you?” He said angerily. “This is a stranger I found in the woods. He goes by Addison.” I bowed before him, I looked over and saw that Addison wasnt’ bowing. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to his knees.

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