A boy, a pigeon and a battle with death 3

‘Pigeon asked me to tell you that he wanted to say goodbye,
But he had to catch the morning breeze and that he had to fly,
He’s gone to heaven Tommy, but it won’t be long and then,
You can fly with him in the clouds and be with him once again,

He’s up there in the sky and he’s so much happier too,
Because he can fly again, Tommy and soon will fly with you, ’
And Tommy smiled his little smile and said, ’I knew he would,
I wanted to make him happy and better if I could,

He’s better now isn’t he, and he won’t hurt again,
Where he is now I do not think there’s any kind of tears or pain, ’
I nodded through tears that dripped onto the bed where he lay,
He said, ’ I should like to go to be with my pigeon today.’

And though his little voice was weak his heart was then so strong,
And I smiled as I knew that it would not be very long,
Then as the morning sun began to rise and to smile with joy,
Because it was shining on a brave, fearless little boy.


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