Bridge to Darkness:

We met on the bridge. It was the place that we had agreed upon. I was uneasy at the time of agreement – most are when a knife is being held to their necks. I knew it would be dangerous, but I came. It was my choice to take the money to the bridge and to stand there, in the very middle, with the world of goodness on one side and evil on the other. I cringed as the man approached me, I couldn’t help it.

He took the bag from me with a smile and a wink and his hand lingered on mine as I passed him the cash.
“All right, love.” he slurred. Not for the first time, I debated my decision. He pressed closer to me. He kissed me full on the lips and I shrank back.

His hands were wandering now and I wanted to scream. I couldn’t. In my soft terror, I reached into my purse.

I shot him.

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