Have you ever drowned?

Have you ever seen the waves,
Closing above your head,
Sinking like a stone in a garden pond,
Like a weight made of lead,

Have you ever heard the song,
Whispering softly in your ear,
Calling you away from the waters side,
Drowning you in chilling fear.

Have you ever smelt the salt,
It’s sharpness suddenly sweet,
Soft and cold as you fall into arms,
No promises left to meet.

Have you ever felt the waters,
Lapping quietly in your mind,
Pulling out the anger and the pain,
Destroying all emotion it can find.

Have you ever tasted darkness,
It isn’t all that hard to see,
Something so peaceful about it,
I wonder if you agree…?

Have you ever really drowned,
No one left to hear you shout,
As hopeless pain floods through you,
And you know there’s no way out.

I have…have you?

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