Holiday Kiss

Their eyes met across the room and lingered awhile. He finally pried his eyes from hers, but almost instantly felt himself searching the room.
There. Closer, but still mingling at a safe distance. He managed to drag his eyes away once more, but now the seed was planted.
Within seconds of turning away, she appeared a few feet from him.
She glided closer and whispered in his ear, “The mistletoe.” He followed like a love-struck puppy.
Before he could ask her name, she planted her lips on his. He was overcome with sexual feelings and found his hands had minds of their own. She only continued to kiss him, not seeming to mind.
Suddenly, he realized something was wrong. She wasn’t stopping. He tried pushing her away, but she dug her nails into his flesh, holding him steady. He felt his lungs collapsing slowly with each passing second.
Within minutes, the succubus had drained his soul and let him fall to the floor. She melted back into the crowd and no one was the wiser.

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