When Worlds Collide 8

I ran out of the house and down the street as fast as I could, weaving through people and jumping over people. ‘This cannot be happening. I’m eighteen I can’t be engaged to some freakishly old guy.’ I ran to the beach and hid in the shade of a palm tree.
I grabbed out my cell phone and called Helena.
“Vivian. What’s up?” Helena asked curiously.
“I have horrible news.” I said horrified of what I was about to tell her. “What happened?” Worry was in her voice. “My uncle’s here.” I said flatly. “Oh no, what does he want now?” I’ve told her all about him.
“He wants me to be his new bride.” I grimaced. “No!” she shouted, “He can’t be serious. You’re so young.”
“That’s what I said but, he said on my next birthday that will be our wedding.”
“Do I get to be maid of honor?” She asked jokingly.
“Ha, ha you’re very funny.” I mocked. “You need to help me find a way out of this. "
“Well what do your ancient rules say? Are there any loopholes?”

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