Wolf's Night

In the shinning full moon light,
I race down the path.

I’m pumping my four strong powerful legs.
I reach a clearing in the dark woods.

The woods open up into a small meadow.
I run to the large rock in the middle.

The smell of all the flowers here overwhelm me.
Roses, lilies, violets, daffodils, honeysuckles, and lilacs.

Orange-blossoms, primroses, tulips, and lavenders.
All the flowers are a lite,

By the glow of the wonderfully bright moon.
I leap onto the rock, looking around me.

Then the others come into the clearing.
Some come slowly, while others run.

They stop in a circle around me.
They are my friends.

My family.
My pack.

I look at each face,
Recognizing them all.

I stop at my mate.
She comes up and joins me on the rock.

We throw our heads back and howl.
We sing our lunar song.

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