Suddenly Jake stepped behind Margot, twisting her arm behind her back. Edna cursed, lept up from her seat at the poker table and immediately collapsed to the ground face first.

Poison!” growled Edna into the carpet.

The seated Lawman lazily raised his Colt and right eyebrow, aiming at the cowering Jake. He’d laid his cards on the table – a royal flush. A pity they had been playing Go Fish.

“Edna, Edna, y’gotsta believe me!” cried Jake. “I had nothing to do with graftin’ a scorpion’s tail to y’horse, or summinin’ dread Cthula or— none of it!”

“CthuLU!” they shouted, annoyed.


“Jake, hon’,” said Margot, “y’keep sayin’ it wrong. You’d think after experiencing the soul and sanity-shattering, mind-blasting and downright strange presence of the High Priest of the Deep Ones you’d at least remember to pronounce his name correctly!”


“…Oh, whut? Sorry, you wus talkin’ so long there I kinda lost track a the conversati—”

But it was too late. The clock had struck eight and they were done.

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