The Mall bustles with holiday shoppers
I need a new scarf to match my new coat
I happily try a few styles on
Looking in the mirror

Behind me people pass
Reflections of themselves
But I am me now,
Not who I was

A grandmother passes
Two small girls in hand
They skip, tugging her along
And I smile

Behind them moves a young man
Hands tucked in coat pockets
Headed the opposite direction
Casually, calmly, comfortable in his skin

I admire him
Not only his stride
But as he turns,
His handsome face

I find myself holding my breath
My cheeks blush in the mirror
And I turn to see him for real
As if his mirror image lies

He sees me, with my scarf
It matches my eyes
I can’t help but grin and lower them
I turn away from this moment

Then he is beside me
“Hello, I’m Vic.”
“Kate.” I can’t believe myself!
“Nice scarf.”

“Thanks. I’m going skiing.”
“Really? Around here?”
“Lake Blue Moon”
“Really? Maybe I’ll see you there”

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