My ex friends turned at his “Hey”
Ready to fight
The gloves were off
I couldn’t believe my eyes

They stared him down
Eyes full of scorn
Hands went to hips
Frowns were worn

“What’s your deal?”
He confronted
They saw his face
And looked affronted

“Say you’re sorry”
He commanded
They scowled at me
Our group disbanded

It was but a tiny victory
I had the hunk
They couldn’t admit defeat
Their attitudes stunk

“You didn’t have to..”
I began
“You’re better than them.”
My heart swam

But I had to leave the Mall
To soon
I wondered if I’ll see him
On lake Blue Moon

I shouldn’t have let him
Fight for me
In hindsight it made
Me look weak

My head was confused
What did he think?
Did he like protecting me?
I needed a shrink

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