Log Cabin

I eat dinner in my cabin
Daydreaming over my peas
Parents catching on
Beginning to tease

“Who is he?” asks Mom
“A guy” I reply
“What’s his name?” asks Dad
“Vic” I flush tongue-tied

Excusing myself
For a moment of peace
Chill air on my hot cheeks
Body wrapped in fleece

I consider hiking down
To a cabin number I know
Gives me goosebumps just thinking it
Fresh prints in the snow

Warm yellow light spills out
From the merriment inside
On tiptoe I peer in
Spying the scene, I could have died

Vic sits beside
A drop dead gorgeous girl
Whom he tickles and charms
Sharing hugs, makes me hurl

My insides went cold
Then numb and sad
Tears ran down freely
Never again to be glad

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