Hot Cocoa

Steaming cup
Warms the hands
Then the nose
And finally the soul

I took my troubles
To a table I knew well
A silent ear waits
For me to spill

Soft hands envelop
Her own mug of warmth

Wisdom peers through
Her bespectacled eyes

She waits, the wisps of steam
Drifting up before her face
Disappearing in her white wispy hair
Knowing I will tell it all

After I spill, I wait for her

She digests the drama
Along with the hot drink

Sitting back, saying “Hm”
But she pats my hand
Says, “You know what is right.”

And I breathe a huge sigh
“I know loneliness hurts”
She peers in my eyes

“But it makes togetherness
That much sweeter.”

She is so wise!

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