a strange alliance

“What we have…well, I couldn’t possibly describe it,” he said leaning over the table, trying to look serious. He was failing.

“You’re right, it is a strange little arrangement we’ve got going,” I offered. I stared out the window, watching people across the street as the walked by in their winter coats.

“I guess you could say it’s a strange alliance, Rose,” he said, leaning back, his lips curving into a lopsided smile. I’d seen that same smile before, after we had kissed. I knew it was wrong, if anyone had found out what we were up to, we’d be toast for sure. That was half the fun.

“I feel better,” he started, “Not happy, because that’s irrelevant, but better. Real better.” I smiled because he was right. It’s like what Bob Dylan sang, “All the things I’m sayin’ you can say ’em just as good.”

“I think we’re in the dark end of the street,” I said, still half disconnected from where I sat, still watching outside, and feeling his gaze upon me.

“Yep, a strange alliance,” he said with a sigh.

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