To Be Free. The Prisoner...

I’ve been a prisoner since the day I was born. Held captive by own worst enemy, and dearest friend. But when i shut my eyes, i am free. Free like the other children I look upon with envious eyes. But in a different way. When i shut my eyes, my mind roams and wanders, out of this world and into another. I fly through the air, swooping and soaring. Free. Rid of my body, my shell, my prison. Rid of all the pain and suffering. I descend now, and land in a patch of soft, green grass. I roll, enjoying the sensation of a thousand pricks, sending shivers down my spine. Laughing out loud now, i spot a lake of emerald green water, ripples lapping at the shore. The gentle sound draws, and entices me in. I take the first few steps into the cool water, the water rising higher and higher until, at last, i am fully submerged. A shoal of brightly coloured fish flash past sending a spiral of bubbles up, tickling my nose. I move along, slowly at first, but beaming at the fantastic sensations enveloping me.

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