The Visitor

Outside, a man walked around the neighborhood alone with only a suitcase and the clothes on his back to carry. He had nowhere to go. He wandered aimlessly around, trying to figure out a plan. The wintry temperature was dropping quickly, and he had to get warm.

Suddenly, the man stopped. Across the street was a house with a wide-open door. He began walking rapidly toward the house, trying to think of an explanation for his presence and hoping that the occupants of the house would be understanding. He walked inside, closed the door behind him, and sat down on the floor of the basement. He knew he couldn’t stay for long. He just needed to get warm before he went on his way again.

In a room upstairs, the man could hear a woman’s voice.

“But- Why are you doing this to me?! So when you said forever, you didn’t mean- Will you let me finish? I just-”

Maybe this was a bad idea, the man thought. If she was this mad already, there was no telling what she’d do when she found him in her basement.

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