Becoming Equinox

As I experimented with the sword I could feel something. Something almost instinctive, like all the other times I got the feeling I should twist the hilt of the sword.

I laid the sword on the ground and traced my finger along the ridge.

My finger got cut but as if possessed I continue to move my finger along leaving a small trail of blood along the sword.

Suddenly the sword glowed!

It began to shift through all of it’s phases over and over and again and again.

I stared at the sword in amazement as it lifted off the ground and over my head.

I reached for the hilt and there was a flash of light which blinded me.

When I opened my eyes was in a black cloak wielding the moon sword: phase black.

I was stunned by this sudden change. I swung the sword experimentally; it gleamed through the air.

This would work.

“You will come to fear me evil.” I whispered “I am neither good nor evil, light or dark.”




“The odds now seemed slightly in my favor.”

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