Emily seems happy to see me, but I can’t express anything. No emotion seems to surface and I can’t feel worried about it. I can feel my face being emotionless, seeming like I don’t care, when deep down I do.

“Hey James, ready?” Emily asks. She must be happy because she’s smiling, but I can’t show anything back because Pride is gone, and shows no sign of coming back. Emily reads my emotionless expression and is taken aback, “Are you mad at me James?” she’s quick to ask.

“No,” I say flatly, “I’m just a little…” I trail off, knowing that I’m not feeling a single thing. I’m trying my best to feel something, anything, but I can’t. Pride’s completely left me and without him, I’m nothing.

“Mind if… I make you feel a little better?” Emily says. I think she means she wants to kiss me, but I can’t be happy, sad, or even excited. Without my regards, Emily leans in and kisses. I, automatically, kiss her back.

Thanks, Pride. I’m sorry.

As I open my eyes, Pride appears behind Emily and winks.


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