Of Gadgets and Gizmos

Berlin, Wisconsin

On shelves of the interior of this ordinary-seeming building, lie various gadgets and gizmos, and a few boxes filled with odd materials. Vats of who-knows-what mixes well with the decor in the style of W. Ti Eph that adorns the room.

In the center of this odd room, is a single man, tin foil had on his head.. He wears some old-looking clothes and smells worse than the particular vat of material he stands over. He occasionally laughs giddily as he looks into his vat.

“Yes, my beautiful! My pretty! My PRECIOUS!” He restrains himself from jumping into the vat and almost falls over in a comical manner. A police car happens to zoom by, making the odd figure jump for a second, but he returns to his vat. Five rather un-eventful minutes pass of his crazy bantering with himself before he almost dives into the vat, and pulls from the vat an odd contraption. “MY… MY… WUMPUS IS COMPLETE!” he screams at the top of his lungs. It has a dark aura about it, almost like the exact opposite of gold…

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