{Utopia} Mr Gabriel

This is to, and about, dear Mr Gabriel,
I can’t remember how I first came to know of him, I think it was during his stereotypes challenge (which I won =D)
Yes, I think his challenge was the first I ever won. When I discovered my sucess, it made me really happy and I went on to try other challenges.

During the two months or so I’ve been on the wonderful, I, like many others, have fallen in love with Mr Gabriel’s amazingly fantastical glorious series: Confessions of a teenage prostitute. I’m intrigued…write more.

So, I wanted to say that he’s a brilliant writer and a really great person ( i can tell through his writing). I mean, you’ve had a place in the popular list for what seems like a million years. And, directly to Mr Gabriel, keep writing the great, emotion-packed stuff we get from you and never stop standing for what you believe in.

Thankyou for existing.

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