The Werewolf and the Fae

The castle at the top of the hill was magnificent. From its topmost tower, Alexandru, a Prince of România could see everywhere. Villages, farms, fields, all spread outward before his wondering eyes.

Alexandru’s tutor answered all questions concerning the countryside, save one; what, within the dark woods beyond the farmers’ fields, made queer howling noises at the full of the moon?

Alexandru set off to find out for himself. He slipped away one bright moonlit night, and rode his favorite horse into the dark woods. Soon he found himself facing a vârcolac
intent on ending his life. He was sore afraid.

A bright spot of light streaked out of nearby bushes and buzzed angrily around the creature. It swatted at the light but to no avail. Frustrated, the werewolf finally ran away, leaving the young prince shaken but unharmed.

Alexandru was grateful to the zână for having saved his life and declared all fairys to be protected throughout the land. To this day, throughout România, the fae are revered as heroes.

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