Dream Travel

She snuggled under the covers. She closed her eyes, drifting into slumber. She drifted down, down, down.
She opened her eyes. It was still night, but the fog had shrouded the land.
She was walking in an alley. She turned a corner and met another lady like herself.
The lady grabbed her and whispered, “The Ripper could be waitin’ fer ya.” The lady cackled, showing rotted, blackened teeth.
Disgusted and frightened, she ran. At the end of the block, a bobby stepped into her path.
“Miss? Are ya alright?” She shook her head.
“Then ye best get home. The Ripper could be lurkin’ ’bout.” He pushed her around the corner. She hoped it was the way home.
But there stood a figure, cloaked in darkness. Once he was aware of her presence, he glided towards her.
Paralyzed with fear, she closed her eyes and began to chant, “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up,” sure it was all a nightmare. Just as he was upon her,
she jumped awake. Safe in her own bed.
She drifted off once more, blood dripping from the covers.

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