This Party Blows

I feel like I want to punch something. If I had the physical strength I would’ve pulled the girl off of Austin and beat them both up, but I already knew that Austin couldn’t have possibly be into me. Someone puts their hand on my shoulder and I almost turn around and push them off, until I realize its Shay. She seems to be watching the same thing as me.

“You owe me five bucks,” I tell her trying to not take my anger out at the wrong person. After a beat, Shay is still speechless and for once her usually tan face looks pallid. What could have her so speechless?

“Lets go, Gabe,” Shay finally says, “this party blows.” I walk ahead while Shay stays one second more and follows me, looking more disappointed than I am.

“I told you he wasn’t into me. My luck is just that bad,” I tell her as we walk past Bryan who seems passed out on the couch. We decide with our eyes that he’d be safe enough and that we need to get out of this house before anything else goes wrong.

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