Driving While Intoxicated

“Shay? Shay, are you OK?”
His voice is a distant echo. I’m not even sure who he is or if he’s talking to me. I don’t even care. I can’t get those dueling images out of my head. Her eyes, and widening smile. Her face, pressed up against his. Her legs wrapped around his waist. Her fingers splayed through his hair. Her smile, again. Wasn’t she looking at me? Did I pick up all the wrong signals? Was I ever really close to finding love, or was it all an illusion?
“Shay! That was a red light! You just ran a red light!” Gabe is screaming.
I jerk to attention and hit the brakes a little, then my eyes refocus and I’m back to normal speed. I look back to make sure nobody got hurt. “Sorry,” I gasp.
“Shay.” His voice is concerned. “What happened back there? What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing,” I manage to croak out. I realize that my eyes are watering and I try to blink the coming tears away. “Nothing happened…. I just… I just recognized that girl. That’s all.”
“The one with…Austin?”
“Uh huh. That’s all. No biggie.”

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