Withered Heights

You know, you’re the first person to listen – to hear my story. I… What a perfect night. You can tell that soon it will be morning, look. Over there, the first rays of golden sunshine. A new day. You had better be going now, your friends… family – will be wondering where you are. Goodbye. And this leaves me, here on my own. Left to wallow in my own self pity and the blackness inside me which seeps from my heart. Not long now, I assure myself. Just a few more minutes. My foot slips slightly on the ledge of the building, sending a couple of small rocks hurtling one hundred feet down, tumbling around and around until they reach the floor silently, not a sound. The way I will go. The morning mist had started to seep in through the still sleeping city avenue, tendrals of the smoke curling around the street lamps, smothering them and leaving tiny droplets of water dimming the light. I can see the restaurant from here – and beside it, the park. Without you, my love, I cannot go on and, without hesatation, I jump.

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